Diet top tip.......

The biggest problem for most people is the amount of carbohydrates we eat. People often do not realise how many carbs we actually eat throughout the day or what a carb actually is. Did you know fruit is a carb?

Did you know the average adult, doing the average daily amount of exercise/movement should eat around 6-8 portions of carbs per day to maintain their weight - did you also know 1 portion of carbs is your standard slice of bread. 

So to put that into context you could have 2 sandwiches using 4 pieces of bread and you could be eating well over half of your daily intake of carbohydrates before you even add sandwich filling, crisps, a piece of fruit, a drink, cereal/chocolate bar etc.

Just think what you would have for breakfast, snacks and tea then it all starts to add up !

Replace foods like rice, pasta, bread, potatoes for at least 1 meal of the day and this will help the waist line! 

If you would like more info please speak to our staff who are all highly trained in the fields of fitness and nutrition, or feel free to comment and we will get back to you.