Not seeing fitness results....... read on....

Loosing weight is quite simple - just burn more than you put in! 

But your doing all this exercise and your not loosing weight, its not because your 'gaining muscle', you do not have water retention or any other excuse we in the fitness industry hear on a weekly basis, its because your diet needs tweaking. So you should be doing activity 3/4 times per week for more than 30 minutes at a time. If you don't feel tired once you have finished your work out or you are not a little achy the next day - then you haven't worked out hard enough.

You now have the fitness part sorted - Now DIET ! this is just as important as the exercise. 

TASK - write a food diary for a week. Make a note of all the food and drink you consume and the times you consume them.

Are you eating more than 4-6 portions of carbs per day and eating large amounts of carbs past 3pm?

How much have you drank? more than 3L of water? what have you drank, sugar in your tea/coffee etc?

Times of eating? Long periods without food?

Had Breakfast?

Portion size? eating large portions for your last meal of the day?

Are your meals fresh? No microwave meals/fast food etc?

Has your food been cooked in a healthy way?

Amount of alcohol you have consumed? these are empty calories.

These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself when reviewing your food diary. seeing it all written down really helps to see what you are consuming and sometimes it can be a shock.

Try the food diary task, if you need help, bring it into the centre and we are happy to assist.