New instructor......Amy Crow

I started in the Fitness industry in 2008, after participating in classes for several years and falling in love with Group Exercise! I quickly progressed from my Exercise to Music Training and went on to become qualified in Indoor Cycling, Body Pump and Body Combat.

I love teaching Group Fitness classes and seeing a mixture of people of all ages and abilities working together to improve their fitness and wellbeing. Not only are classes a fantastic way to get in shape and feel motivated to work hard, but there is also a great social aspect to them. It's lovely to see people who have come along on their own be welcomed into a group, make friends and feel part of a team. Recently a group of my regular participants joined me at the "Monster Race", a tough obstacle course which challenged our fitness to another level!

Over the years I have taught classes on a part-time basis alongside a full time job. I was able to continue teaching classes through my pregnancy until I was 8months pregnant and then got back to it as soon as I could. Now my little one has just started school I have decided to focus more on my fitness career, as it is something I can work around having a child. I am planning to do more courses next year. The fitness industry is ever expanding and the options of Group Exercise classes continues to grow alongside it.

I am really looking forward to meeting the members of @Worle and sharing their fitness journey. I will be teaching Spin @ 9:15am & TBC @ 10:15am on Tuesdays.