Class timetable ammendments

Here at @Worle we want to continue to develop the timetable by listening to our members and monitoring class attendance

Here are a few up and coming Changes

New Classes

Total Body conditioning launches 4th March with Anna

Total Body Conditioning launches 14th March with Anna 

Bounce Fit launches 21st March 2017 with Lucy 7.30-2030 pm

Circuits being replaced with 10.15am Kettlercise from 13th March

Boxercise launches 4th April with Harry W 6.30-7.30 pm


Class Removal

Tuesday Morning Step Aerobics(last session 7th March)

Tuesday Morning Pump FX (last session 7th March) 

Tuesday Evening Aerobics ( last session 28th March)

Wednesday Yoga ( last session 1st March )

Friday BlockFit (last session 31st March)

Friday Yoga (last session 3rd March)