New Fitness Timetable - 9 brand new instructors, 5 brand new classes

With the cold nights drawing in, we would like to bring some fresh and bright new classes to help you continue with your fitness goals.

With the new timetable being launched in the second week of October there are a few thank you’s and congratulations to be made.

Gemma will be teaching her last class on 2nd October before going on maternity. Gemma is a great instructor who has been with @Worle for over 4 years, we wish Gemma and the family all the very best in the very near future and hope to see her back on the timetable soon.

Anna will be leaving us towards the end of October to continue her career as a freelance instructor. Anna has not been with the centre for long, but Anna has brought an amazing amount of energy to the fitness timetable, as well as supporting our Zumba Charity and Master Class events. We wish you well for the future.

We would also like to wish Yulia all the best with her relocation to Crete she will be sadly missed.

With that in mind here are a list of new classes and instructors that will be joining @Worle

Monday 10.15-11.15am Strong by Zumba taught by Fatna 23rd October 2017

Monday 18.00-19.00pm Street Tone taught by Hannah Stokes 9th October 2017

Monday 18.15-19.00pm Spin taught by Mark Wilson 2nd October 2017

Monday 19.15-20.00 Spin taught by Robyn Edwards 9th October 2017

Tuesday 09.15-10.00am Spin taught by Amy Crow 24th October 2017

Tuesday 10.15-11.15am TBC taught by Amy Crow 24th October 2017

Tuesday 18.15-19.00pm Spin taught by Mark Wilson 3rd October

Tuesday 19.15-20.15pm Yoga taught by James White 26th September 2017

Wednesday 09.15-10.15am LBT taught by Denia 25th October 2017

Wednesday 19.00-20.00 The Sass Class taught by Hannah Stokes 4th October 2017

Thursday 10.00-11.00 Strong by Zumba taught by Fatna 26th October 2017

Thursday 19.15-20.15pm Super Sculpt taught by Robyn Edwards 12th October 2017

Friday 09.00-10.00am Zumba taught by Denia 6th October 2017

Friday 10.00-11.00am BoxFit taught by Sam Naylor 6th October 2017

Friday 18.00-18.45pm Kettlecise taught by Amanda Ball 6th October 2017

Friday 18.50-19.45pm Fitness Yoga and Pilates taught by Amanda Ball 6th October 2017

Saturday 08.50am-9.30am Spin taught by Mark Wilson 30th September 2017

Saturday 9.40am -10.25am TBC taught by Fatna 30th September 2017

Don’t forget, you can book all classes online; we endeavor to keep the class timetable fresh and there will be more on the timetable come January 2018.